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Anti Anxiety & Vitality Formula,
Anxiety Relief Drink!

Disclaimer: Unlike most nutritional supplement hype, Chill6™ actually does what it claims, which is why  we can give you a 30 Day Risk-Free Trial, with a 100% Money Back Guarantee, plus you keep the 3 FREE On-the-Go Packets ($9.95 Value) that come with your first order, and that’s not hype 😉


Until now, anxiety relief from a dietary supplement didn’t exist. Chill6™ is the world’s first anti-anxiety & vitality drink, made from six amino acids, if you suffer from bouts of anxiety, give Chill6™ a try, long lasting anxiety relief is less than 30 minutes away.

“This formula is unique among the anti anxiety products out there, because the ingredients are truly effective, serious, well-chosen and combined to optimize the benefit. It is gentle, but you can definitely feel it working. If you have tried everything with absolutely no effect, and are tired of wasting money, give this a try. You won’t regret it.” Chill6™ User Review

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Chill6™ Features:
• Anti-Anxiety (non addictive)

• Motivate your days, rejuvenate your sleep

• Long lasting anxiety relief starting within 30 minutes

• Made from Six Amino Acids, No Worries in the Safety Department

• Naturally Sweetened Calorie Free Drink Mix and at less than $.75 a Serving, your budget won’t worry 🙂

• No Artificial Sweeteners, Flavors, or Colors

• Zero Sugar – Zero Calories


How does Chill6™ work?

GABA and Dopamine, have been shown abundantly in clinical research to be key neurotransmitter’s linked to your anxiety/worry, happiness, motivation, concentration/focus and sense of well being! Yes, these are very important, fundamental neurotransmitters! But, this is old news, right? Yes, it sure is, we know, so the question is…
What's new with Chill6™?

Chill6™ is the first and only dietary supplement available that delivers all these nutrients to your brain and body at once. This process synergistically optimizes healthy dopamine and GABA levels when you are facing unusually high anxiety, (and/or during periods when your brain and body could benefit from them most).

Chill6™ is a one of a kind blend of six top rated amino acids that have never, ever been combined together! This formula was then blended with no artificial anything! Even the pink color comes from beet root, sweetened with all natural Stevia, and no fillers. Chill6™ is made entirely with high quality ingredients, from amino acids to flavoring, and is the first advanced strength anti-anxiety drink ever created. Used properly, (no more than 4-5 weekly servings) for the person who suffers from anxiety, and/or over stress, Chill6™ can be a life changing gift in the quality of your life. Try it next time anxiety becomes a bit too much for your natural defenses, and see for yourself!
How do I know Chill6™ is safe?

The safety of Chill6™ was our #1 priority. So we started by using six amino acids that have been used safely for many years, either alone or in different combinations. Amino acids are extremely safe, they are the building blocks of protein, and protein is a necessary basic human nutrient. If you were to take too much of these amino acids, your body would safely and efficiently eliminate the excess through your urine. In fact, if you take too much protein via food, (extra large protein drink, too much meat, fish, etc) your body and brain would only utilize the precise amount of protein (amino acids) required, any abundance is simply excreted in your waste and/or converted to body fat since food protein has calories. Chill6™ amino acids are calorie free, therefore they can’t be converted to body fat, if there is excess, it is merely excreted in your urine.

All the Chill6™ amino acids have been generally recognized as safe by the FDA. We didn’t use any artificial sweeteners, flavors/colors in our “other ingredients”. Finally, Chill6™ was made in the USA in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified facility. We want you to feel comfortable and safe taking Chill6™, no need for additional anxiety when you are going through anxiety. If you have any doubts of the safety, you are encouraged to inquire with your personal physician, but we’re confident you’d be very hard-pressed to find a physician who would say these amino acids are unsafe.
The Chill6™ Amino Acid Formula

What amino acids lower my anxiety? The ‘Calm’ or Anti-Anxiety in Chill6™: GABA, Phenibut, L-Theanine…

Amino Acid #1

GABA, scientifically known as gamma-aminobutyric acid is the chief inhibitory (calming) neurotransmitter in your central nervous system. While GABA does not pass through your blood brain barrier, GABA is an integral part of normal human functioning at peripheral GABA receptors throughout your body. It is our philosophy that, there is a mind-body connection with anxiety, whereas if you are to help your physical anxiety, that has a beneficial correlation that lowers your mental anxiety, and vice versa. The ‘mind portion’ to the anti anxiety component of Chill6™ goes to…

Amino Acid #2

Phenibut, is a wonderful amino acid derivative of GABA, ingeniously produced by Professor Perekalin in the USSR in the 1960’s. Phenibut has been used safely in Russia for over 50 years, (and for decades as a nutritional supplement throughout the world,) safely treating hundreds of thousands of people for a variety of disorders, including; anxiety, insomnia, mental stress, alcoholism and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Currently, phenibut is mandated equipment packed in every Russian astronaut’s medical kit to reduce mental stress and anxiety (without drowsiness) during space travel! Pure phenibut however, or too much, too often does possess a withdrawal potential from mild, to very unpleasant. We certainly wanted to avoid this potential, and we did! Chill6™ uses the smallest, effective dose to provide anxiety relief, lowering the risk of any withdrawal when you decide to stop using Chill6™.

Amino Acid #3

Interestingly as well, a decade before phenibut, l-theanine was discovered as a part of green tea prepared from camellia sinensis in 1949. Basically, l-theanine is an amino acid that has stood the test of time (nearly one thousand years) promoting relaxation in tea. As you can see, our main philosophy relative to our amino acid selection, was to use amino acids that have stood the test of time in the real world, with real people.

How does this relate to Chill6™ and my stress & anxiety?

Chill6™ uses synergistic doses of GABA, phenibut and l-theanine, credible amino’s, attacking your anxiety & mental stress from three different angles, allowing us to truly combat anxiety like no other nutritional supplement ever created. In fact, Chill6™ is the first supplement ever made to combine these three amazing compounds together. But that is still just half of the equation…

What amino acids restore my dopamine levels to boost my vitality and motivation?
Amino Acid #4 & 5
Healthy dopamine levels are a prerequisite to human vitality. L-tyrosine and l-dopa create Chill6’s unique ‘dynamic duo,’ these two amino acids work synergistically replenish one of the most compelling ‘vitality’ neurotransmitters in your brain, dopamine. Your brain’s dopamine level drops during times of unusually high anxiety and/or stress, and tyrosine is especially effective when you are under stress, sleep deprived and have body and mind fatigue. Dopamine also plays a significant role in the centers of your brain that increase motivation, pleasure and sexual desire. (bonus) 😉


Amino Acid #6
L-Taurine is a wonderful (non-stimulating) ingredient that has been extremely successful in energy drinks all over the world to revitalize the body. We thought l-taurine would add the ‘icing on the cake’ by utilizing it as our sixth ingredient in Chill6™. But! Contrary to popular assumption, l-taurine doesn’t promote mental energy. It just might however contend as one of the healthiest amino acids for your body, however, offering a very long list of health benefits, including heart health and cholesterol lowering affects.


Chill6™ is responsibly made, use it responsibly, and you’ll reap the rewards!


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Finally, a Supplement Company that Stands Behind it’s Claims!


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Customer Testimonials


Great product, nothing over the counter could even compare too. Fantastic supplement.

Dominic C.

Lowers my bedtime anxiety

I don’t have much anxiety during the day but at night I worry to the point I overeat to get myself tired so I can sleep. I take just a half scoop of chill6 3-4 nights a week, stops the worry and helps me sleep better. I’ve actually lost 7 pds in 7 wks from not having to stuff my face to sleep on anxious nights! This product is definitely my most important nutritional supplement on my list. Thank you, I much appreciate your company’s effort to produce such a great thing.

Ransom M


I’ve been slowly starting to use this product after many failed attempts at tapering my klonopin. This is the only product that has ever reduced my nightmare symptoms. I use it very sparingly, but when I do, I am calmed and yet alert. I go from feeling like I was hit by a train back to normal. I am just so thankful there is something out there for people who are struggling with this.