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Chill6™ FAQ's

What does Chill6™ help?
Any anxiety related ailment. It has helped all kinds of people in different situations, from a man preparing to die (stage 5 cancer,) to a soldier with PTSD, and socially anxiety is huge too. People who overeat due to anxiety benefit from Chill6™ with weight loss and better health. Chill6™ is a very fundamental, it is an anti anxiety, so anything related. Chill6™ gives a boost of vitality at the same time which should be when your body is under significant stress. When we say it’s an investment in the quality of life for the anxiety sufferer, we are not exaggerating.
How should I take Chill6™? 
Chill6™ is designed to aid the brain and body when it’s under enormous stress, and actually works best when you are feeling anxious. Try to be strategic with your dosing, almost as you budget a limited amount of money, taking a drink when you are feeing anxious, or overstressed. If you are feeling good, don’t take it. Humans have an adaptation system or tolerance that lessens it’s affects to a compound relative to how accustomed the body/brain becomes to any given composition. e.g., People who drink too much coffee, feel the caffeine effects less and less. Therefore, start with a half of scoop, going up to no more than 1 scoop/drink over a 24 hour period, taking no more than 3-4 servings/scoops per week. This will keep the brain and body from adapting fully to the Chill6™ amino acids, while simultaneously maximizing it’s effectiveness (like a person who only drinks coffee 3-4 times a week). Chill6™ is not meant to be taken every day, if your anxiety is constant, we’d refer you to your physician.

Some people like to sip on a large Chill6™ (8-20 ozs.) stirring it occasionally throughout a stressful/anxious day or evening. Some people like to drink it cold and fast, whatever your preference! Just be sure you enjoy your Chill6™, because you’ll be feeling better soon!
Does Chill6™ have sugar, artificial sweeteners or cheap fillers? 
No. Chill6™ is not cheaply made, we use premium micronized amino acids which are naturally expensive. Relative to sweetness however, Chill6™ has no artificial sweeteners, (we use natural stevia) which is not the inexpensive or the potentially unhealthy way to go either! We also use natural beet root to create the soft pink coloring of the beverage. Every ingredient in Chill6™ was hand picked of the highest quality, for both health and effectiveness. 
If you have other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email your question to: 

Chill6™ is responsibly made, use it responsibly, and you’ll reap the rewards!

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Finally, A Supplement Company That Stands Behind Its Claims! 

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Customer Testimonials


I bought this product for my son; a veteran suffering from pretty severe PTSD. He has always refused meds, instead trying to combat the disorder with diet and exercise. However, the anxiety and sleeplessness sometimes (a lot of times) got the better of him. He has been taking the product as directed for (almost) 3 months and everyone has been able to see a difference in him. Friends and family say he is much more positive, willing to join them in “outings”, and less inclined to self-isolation. He doesn’t want to “jinx” it and tell me it’s working, but he has reported fewer episodes of sweat-induced panic, much less anxiety, and improved sleep.

While on this site today, I made my first purchase of 3 jars at one time to be shipped to him. I am hoping that the company will soon develop auto-ship because the idea of him “running out” and suffering the way he did in the past is too much for this mother to bear.

Thank you, Chill6, for helping me get my son back.


Excellent Product

Great customer service. This is a relaxing drink after a long day.

Charles B.

Good, but not great.

It definitely works, no joke, but it could be a little stronger. Taste could be better too. Definitely has been great for my social anxiety but personally just a bit stronger anxiety affect, the vitality is a good counteraction feeling of the anti anxiety component.