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Customer Testimonials

  • I’ve been slowly starting to use this product after many failed attempts at tapering my klonopin. This is the only product that has ever reduced my nightmare symptoms. I use it very sparingly, but when I do, I am calmed and yet alert. I go from feeling like I was hit by a train back to normal. I am just so thankful there is something out there for people who are struggling with this.
    Brenda from CA on Jun 13, 2018
  • Helped with w/d symptoms. Made sleep possible.
    Janet B. from United States on May 26, 2017
  • I've been battling withdrawal from diazepam since late January, and still have been struggling 3 months later. I was resorting to rescue doses of a related benzodiazepine here and there, and finally decided to give other supplements a try. Like everything on the internet, there are dozens of suggestions. I've tried probably 20 of them, including some of the constituent ingredients of Chill 6. Overall, I find Chill 6 works the best. It is not enough to make you feel fantastic, but it takes the edge off enough that you can function. I can take almost all withdrawal symptoms, but my job requires clear focus and concentration. Chill 6 keeps me level enough that I can work, and that more than anything else lets me persevere with withdrawal.
    Serge Tomiko from Washington, DC on May 07, 2017